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Class Details & Requirements 

Ballet: Classes are set at progressive levels of skill. Instruction includes; technique, proper terminology, barre, and center floor work. Poise and balance is the key!


Pointe: Intermediate and Advanced students. Ages 10 -12 must have doctors note. All students must be enrolled in Ballet. Strong ankles and beautiful pictures!


Jazz: For all levels. (Intermediate and Advance students must be enrolled in Ballet.) Leaps, Turns, Kicks, and pushing to the limits of all Jazz techniques created! Hint: There are a lot of Jazz techniques!


Lyrical: Intermediate and Advance students only, must be enrolled in Ballet. A great way to find your emotions from within and obtain the ability to express them through movement.  

Tap: Classes are set at progressive levels of skill. Students learn the basic steps and progress to more advanced combinations.  You can hear, feel, and create the rhythms!  Beautiful noise! 


Hippidy Hop: Offered to students Ages 3 - 6. Introduction to Hip Hop. Before hip hop becomes your love you first need to get funky! 


Hip Hop: Offered to all students ages 6 and over. Start with the small stuff and progress to advanced combinations.  Guaranteed to leave you sweating! More guaranteed FUN! 


Tumbling/Tiny Tumble: For all ages!  Gymnastic skills and tricks from beginner to advanced. Bend, Twist, Flip, and Lift! These classes are always an exciting experience for what you could possibly do next! 


Musical Theatre: For all levels.  Acting, Speaking, and Character-based dance combined with other disciplines of dance and techniques.  You will go home feeling famous! Lights, Camera, Action!


Cheer Dance/ Cheer Tumble: Offered for all students, all levels. For students who are cheerleaders, or have an interest in becoming a cheerleader.  Hoo Ra!!


Contemporary and Modern:  Advanced students only. (Must be enrolled in Ballet, Tap, and Jazz *Lyrical not required but beneficial) Learn your body through space and time.  From earth grounded movements to movements of watery fluidity. A true test of body, mind, and soul! 


Production: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Competition students. Specific routines selected by an instructor for a specific purpose. 


Competition:  Specific choreographed routines selected by an instructor for competition and shows.

* Possible auditions required. For serious students only.* 

With whichever class you may choose, dancers will leave feeling extremely knowledgeable and with a huge smile!

What more could you ask for?




Being properly dressed for classes allows the dancers to use their body’s to their full capacity, while also allowing the instructors to see, improve, and train their technique.

Girls and Ladies: A leotard and tights are mandatory attire for all dancers.  We do require that hair be pulled up and off the dancer’s face and also that jewelry is kept to a minimum.  However, we do love to see you add your own personal flare!  Have fun with it and make it your own! Ballet skirts, tutus, dance shorts, leg warmers, and sweaters that are fitted are all acceptable to be worn over a leotard and tights.  Hip Hop classes are allowed to wear leggings and sweatpants as long as they are worn over a leotard and tights.  At any time during class, you may be asked to remove the clothing that is being worn over your leotard and tights.    


Boys and Gentlemen: A sleeveless shirt or t-shirt with basketball shorts or sweatpants that do not touch the floor.  

The dress code is strictly enforced and is at the discretion of each instructor.  All dancers are required to wear the proper dance shoes for each class.  Upon registration, you will be told what shoes your child will need.  We ask that you do not wear your dance shoes outside of the studio.  No street shoes are allowed into the classroom as they ruin the dance floors.

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